2020 Manila International Auto Show goes virtual this December

The 2020 Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) was scheduled to take place last April but it was canceled when Metro Manila, together with the rest of the Philippines, was forced into quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the 2020 show scrapped and the venue turned into a quarantine site, most assumed the next time we would see or even hear about MIAS would be in 2021.

It seems we were wrong. MIAS will actually be pushing through this December, albeit in the digital realm.

From December 16 to 20, the organizers will be holding “MIAS Wired”, an online version of the annual auto show. Interestingly, this will also be the first-ever virtual automotive show held in the Philippines.

Similar to previous shows, MIAS Wired will feature the latest car models, innovations, and showcase the newest automotive trends on the market. The organizers are also giving attendees a chance to “visit” interactive and digital showrooms from different automakers and expand their motoring networks. There will also be “activities designed for car enthusiasts” during the online event.

Will virtual MIAS preview the future Philippine auto shows? image

At the moment, Worldbex has not announced which automakers will be joining MIAS Wired. But organizers say “the country’s top car brands, car accessories, and automotive technology and car enthusiasts alike will be the first to witness this kind of collaboration under one virtual event”.

If all goes well, MIAS Wired could preview the future of other auto shows in the country. While we’re still waiting for a vaccine to arrive, holding a show in the virtual world is the next best option to not having one at all. Besides, automakers have been doing online launches this year as well.

Interested in attending MIAS Wired? You may visit www.manilaautoshow.com to register. And unlike the previous auto shows, there's no fee to pay.