The current-generation Suzuki Alto 800 has been around for quite some time now. In fact, the small hatchback made its global debut back in 2012 and was only given a minor refresh earlier this year.

Japan, however, has been enjoying a different model of the Alto, featuring a 660cc engine, smaller body and being sold as a 'kei-car' (a light automobile with an engine 660cc or smaller). At the time, the retro-looking Alto kei-car was a Japan exclusive model. But now, it looks like things are about to change. Suzuki has launched the Japan-spec Alto in Pakistan and will be assembling it there along with the same 660cc engine.

Will we get this Suzuki Alto in the future? image

Much like Alto kei-car in Japan, the Alto launched in Pakistan shares the same body and styling cues. The eight-generation Alto measures in a 3,395mm x 1,475mm x 1,490mm. As mentioned earlier, it will also be using the same 660cc R06A engine and will be available with either a 5-speed manual or Suzuki's Auto Gear Shift (AGS) technology. Like its predecessors, the new Alto will also be front-wheel drive. According to the press release, the new Alto produced in Pakistan is “tuned to meet the local needs” including a higher ground clearance for local roads.

Will we get this Suzuki Alto in the future? image

For years, the Suzuki Alto in Japan has largely differed from those sold elsewhere in the world as the Japanese model is built as a smaller kei-car. With the launch in Pakistan, this would mark the first time that the automaker will produce a model that shares the same body style and engine displacement as the Alto kei-car sold in Japan.

With the Alto kei-car already launched in Pakistan, the question now is whether or not we will also be getting this newer Alto in the Philippines. We currently source our Alto 800 models from India, which is based on an old body and design. It would certainly be interesting if we would get this newer, more modern version of the small city car in the near future.