Williams Advanced Engineering has recently revealed their all new lightweight scalable electric platform, which could underpin future generation of electric vehicles. Called the FW-EVX, it is essentially a rolling platform forming the base of an electric vehicle. Automakers could then simply design and build multiple body styles around the platform rather than converting a regular platform into an electric one.

Taking a closer look at the FW-EVX, Williams has built it with the intention of making EV's lighter and also safer. At the heart of it is the new platform uses a unique battery exoskeleton made out of carbon fiber, which not only protects the battery but is strong enough to contribute to the overall structural rigidity.

Williams Advanced Engineering reveals new electric platform

Carbon fiber is found extensively all throughout the platform. Apart from the battery exoskeleton, it is also uses recycled carbon fiber for the wishbones. The use of recycled carbon fiber allows the FW-EVX to weigh less than a conventional forged-alloy part but also produces almost zero waste with their new production process.

The platform is said to be capable of housing four electric motors. Meanwhile, the batteries are cooled via air channels from the front which also creates creates downforce at the rear courtesy of a diffuser. Do note that however that the platform is still in development and is likely to change in the future.

Williams' hopes that their design would make EVs more attractice to customers and reduce emissions at the same time. Despite building the platform, the company has not mentioned any plans of building an electric vehicle themselves.