Winning raffle contests that give away free vehicles is a next-to-impossible prospect. Not only are there countless other participants, you also have no control over the result. Fortunately, Isuzu Philippines Corp. is giving you a far easier way of winning a vehicle. Simply guess correctly the total distance that a particular Isuzu model can travel on a single full tank of fuel, and you win an award-winning Isuzu diesel vehicle. It's that easy - no more need to buy raffle tickets and leave the whole thing to chance.

Earlier this year, IPC launched the "Isuzu Diesel Mission," its promotional yearlong campaign for 2010. One component of this campaign is the 'Isuzu Farthest Mission,' a series of events in which the diesel authority will show the public just how fuel-efficient Isuzu vehicles are. It is also the actual demonstration of the toughness and practicality of Isuzu vehicles. This includes 4x4 driving clinics, mall tours and sales-and-service caravans. But the much-awaited activity is the 2010 Isuzu Challenge, which will have various Isuzu vehicles running on a single full tank of fuel through major cities in Luzon.

The first leg of Isuzu Challenge will be held on May 26 to 29. An Isuzu N-Series truck will be driven starting from Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte and going down west. Participants need only to guess the exact distance that the truck will travel (in kilometers and down to one decimal point). Simply go to and register. Only those 18 years old and above may join the contest. The deadline for submitting a guess is on May 25 (until 11:59pm). Participants may monitor the progress of the run through select radio stations that will cover the event.

The participant who guesses the distance correctly wins a brand-new Isuzu NHR.

The last two rounds of the Isuzu Challenge will be held on July 14 to 17 for the Crosswind, and October 20 to 24 for the D-MAX. The guessing periods for these rounds are April 1 to July 13 and August 1 to October 19, respectively.

The Isuzu Diesel Mission is IPC's grand diesel-awareness campaign for 2010. It aims to showcase Isuzu's superiority in the field of diesel technology. The campaign has four components: the Isuzu Dura-Mission, the Isuzu Farthest Mission, the Isuzu Eco-Mission, and the Isuzu Dyna Mission.

So win yourself a new Isuzu vehicle this year just by playing the guessing game. Log on to the Isuzu Diesel Mission website today.

The Isuzu Diesel Mission is sponsored by Caltex Diesel w/ Techron D. Other supporters of the event include Freego, JVC, AVT, Centro Manufacturing Corp., Home Depot, Smartlink and Matabungkay Beach Resort.