With over 60 years of experience in glass manufacturing and installation, Aguila Auto Glass currently offers a way to replace windshields that aims to reduce a vehicle's down time at the convenience of their customers. For quick installations, Aguila Auto Glass uses WX185 polyurethane adhesives for its glass applications.

WX185 does not need primer and thus does not need a lengthy settling time — one of the reasons why glass replacement takes a long time. Aguila Auto Glass says that the windshield will be secured in place in as little as two hours. The company assures that WX185 boasts good initial adhesion, high strength and quick solidification.

WX185 polyurethane adhesive

Aside from the quicker drying times, Aguila Auto Glass adds that the use of polyurethene for their adhesives has another benefit: unlike acetic silicone, polyurethane is non-corrosive which helps in the prevention of leaks as well as rust. In addition, this adhesive also promises to deliver high levels of weather resistance. With the installation time reduced and high weather resistance, this service allows the customer to save time and lessen expenses in the long run.

This quick installation service is available in Aguila Auto Glass service centers nationwide.