During the launch of the all-new 2019 Subaru Forester in Taiwan, we couldn't help but lament the passing of one of our all-time favorite crossovers: the turbocharged Forester XT. 

Subaru said that there will be no turbo version of the Forester, at least in time for the scheduled January 2019 launch in the Philippine market, marking the first time that the Forester will be sold in the Philippines (and around the world) without a turbo intercooler boxer four that's derived from the WRX.

In anticipation of the demise of the XT, insiders say Subaru distributor Motor Image is planning a last hurrah: they're looking at ordering extra units of the 2018 2.0 XT before transitioning to the 2019 normally-aspirated-only model. 

Subaru Forester XT news

Our contacts say that Subaru will be doing this so that customers who want the powerful XT variant can avail of it.

Currently, Subaru still has stocks of the XT, but they are anticipating demand to increase towards the end of the year especially since the 2.0 XT currently accounts for about 40-45% of local Forester sales.

Some would ask: if such a large percentage of Foresters sold in the Philippine market are turbocharged, why is Subaru scrapping the model?

Perhaps the answer lies with the demand in much larger markets abroad. According to reports, of the total sales of the Subaru Forester in the United States (which is one of the biggest markets for the Forester, if not the biggest outright), only 5% are the turbo XT variant. 

So, if youve always wanted the performance afforded by the Forester XT, the deadline to get one is fast approaching.