A few days ago, Ford confirmed the debut of the next-generation Ranger. The next-generation pick-up's launch date is set for 2022, and the American automaker is getting ready for it. They recently invested over $ 1 billion in the Silverton Assembly Plant in South Africa, one of the key production lines of the Ranger worldwide. It shows that Ford is banking a lot on the all-new Ranger.

With the new-generation Ranger coming soon, it got us thinking. What about the Everest? Besides, an all-new Ranger typically means a redesigned Everest is following closely behind. So does this mean we can expect it sooner than later? Given how competitive the pick-up platform vehicle segment is, we doubt Ford has any plans to let their SUV languish.

So, when will it be launched? We usually don't expect these SUVs to be launched at the same time as their pick-up counterparts, but this time will be different according to our sources.

With Ranger launch confirmed, when will Ford reveal all-new Everest? image

Our contacts that are privy on the launch timings of the Ranger say that the Everest will be launched at around the same time as the Ranger. There is no exact launch date for the Everest for now, but it's definitely 2022 since Ford confirmed it as the debut year of the all-new Ranger.

It's an unprecedented move since none of its competitors have done that. Just take a look at the Isuzu, Mitsubishi, and Toyota. All of them held out for almost a year before launching their SUVs following their pick-ups. Should Ford's launch strategy prove successful, other manufacturers might follow suit.

Is the all-new Ford Everest launching soon? image

The Everest may be newer than the Ranger, but the underpinnings are the same. That means it currently rides on a ten-year-old platform, even though the model itself is “just” six years old. Ford also has the new Ranger platform on hand, so it wouldn't make sense for them to hold off its launch for more than three years. Since the two share each other's chassis, Ford already has most of what they need to build the redesigned Everest.

What is also worth noting is that the all-new Everest and Ranger will share components with the next-generation Volkswagen Amarok. That's because Ford and VW formed a strategic alliance for developing global pick-up trucks back in 2019. Does this mean Volkswagen could be evaluating an Amarok-based SUV as well?