Ever wanted to take a long good rest after clocking in long hours at work? Or do you want to take your work with you while on the road? Volvo seems to have thought of a vehicle that would work on either situation. Say hello to the Volvo 360c autonomous concept, the brand's take on 'reimagining work-life balance'.

“The 360c explores what becomes possible when we remove the human driver, using new freedoms in design and recapturing time – it’s a glimpse at how autonomous drive technology will change the world as we know it. The possibilities are mind-boggling,” said Marten Levenstam, Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy at Volvo Cars.

Work, play or rest in Volvo's new self-driving concept

The 360c concept was built to serve as a self-driving automobile that can act as a sleeping quarter, mobile office, living room and entertainment lounge. With it, Volvo claims that the 360c concept can rival short- and long-distance travel via airplane, bus or train. And since it's a personal vehicle, the 360c will offer better comfort as well as privacy for its users.

In fact, the Volvo 360c could become a viable alternative for short-haul air travel. For the company, instead of having to go through airport security, queue the long lines and sit in cramped airliners, the 360c will have first-class-like amenities all in the comfort of a private vehicle.

Work, play or rest in Volvo's new self-driving concept

“People becoming less reliant on proximity to cities is just one example of the impact of removing the burden of unproductive travel time. The 360c driving office makes it viable for people to live at greater distances from crowded cities and use their time both in a more pleasant and more effective way,” added Levenstam.

Apart from that, the 360c concept is also electric powered. Without a traditional internal combustion engine (ICE), the self-driving concept will deliver a quieter ride, along with no carbon emissions. And since it needs no driver, Volvo was able to focus on making a comfortable and spacious cabin that can cater to the user's needs instead.

Work, play or rest in Volvo's new self-driving concept

In the future, Volvo plans to expand the use of the 360c from just being a personal autonomous vehicle for all. The company will also explore other opportunities to expand its business model beyond that of a traditional auto manufacturer.

Here's to hoping that Volvo's self-driving EV concept becomes a reality.