It can be safely said that Camp Aguinaldo’s Parade Grounds were swarming with over 150 Volkswagen cars that are either customized rides or restored classics.

The event took place last June 22, 2014 that was organized by the Volkswagen Club of the Philippines (VWCP) and backed by Automobile Central Enterprise Inc. (ACEI), the official importer of Volkswagen in the Philippines.

The event itself commemorated the Beetle’s 77th birthday, which always falls on June 22 or on the nearest Sunday. The event also featured the newer Volkswagens sold here in the country, like the Tiguan, the Touraeg and also the new generation of the Beetle. Lucky participants also got the chance of not only taking a picture with the new cars, but also for a test drive if they opted for one.

The climax of the event was the formation of the Volkswagen logo by a series of Volkswagen cars which is significant, given that the last time the formation of the logo was done again after more than a decade.