Often times, most people will look at China branded cars as an inferior vehicle that cannot perform. So recently, a factory team driver from Youngman sets a new world record. Li Yatao of China sets a new Guiness World Record for circling the world's largest loop-the-loop measuring 12.87 meters in diameter. The fearless Yatao completed the feat using a specially-prepared Youngman Lotus L5 Sportback.

The intention of this feat was unclear for us, we don't know if this one's aimed to increase Youngman's sales, or to showcase Chinese drivers' talent to the world, but obviously this one doesn't really show a high level of worksmanship in the part of the production team as you can clearly see the support of the 3.68 meter wide loop falling off at the 0:19seconds part of the video.

Watch the amazing video below and tell us what you think about this feat: