Plan on getting a Suzuki Jimny but don't have the funds yet? Xiaomi (yes the company that makes smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets) may have something that will suffice for now. Recently, the tech company revealed an all-new radio control car.

But instead of just slapping on a generic sports car or a rugged 4x4, Xiaomi decided to use one of the most popular SUVs on the market to date, the Suzuki Jimny. You read right, Xiaomi actually got permission to use the Jimny for their latest radio control (R/C) car.

The 1:16 scale model R/C has all of the signature traits of Suzuki's tiny off-roader. From its boxy design, tall stance, chunky fender flares, rear spare tire carrier (with the Xiaomi logo), Kinetic Yellow paint job, and aggressive bumpers, the Xiaomi RC has all the rights looks in the right places. But don't think that this R/C is just all show and no go.

Xiaomi Jimny RC image

Underneath that boxy shape is a ladder frame chassis made from nylon. Okay, it's not made from steel like the real thing, but at least the chassis is actually built for some light R/C-off-roading. In addition, the R/C Jimny has coil springs, dampers, and chunky tires for good measure.

As to what powers it, this mini Jimny is driven by a 4x4 servomotor which allows it to go “off-road”. A 500 mAH battery provides power to the servomotor and is good for 30 minutes of use. Fully recharging the Jimny can be done in an hour which is similar to the charging time of some smartphones. But where is its charging port? It's actually tucked away inside the Jimny's exhaust; not bad as it does save on space and makes for a tidier-looking R/C.

Don't expect to find a remote control as part of the package. Instead, the Xiaomi Jimny RC can be remotely controlled via a smartphone app by way of Bluetooth 4.2. With it, one can control the R/C by pressing on the touchscreen buttons, or by tilting the smartphone to influence its movement/direction. One can even set the servomotor's power with just a few presses of a button.

Xiaomi Jimny RC image

How much will this Jimny set you back? Currently, it is selling for $59.99 or about PhP 3,000, give or take. There's no official word yet if it will be sold outside of the People's Republic, but with Xiaomi already making a name for itself in handheld devices and other gadgets, perhaps having a radio control 4WD vehicle like the Jimny might help them get their chops in making more R/C cars.

In the future, Xiaomi will even add extra accessories like different bumpers, roof racks, etc. to give the Jimny R/C the entire package. Let's sure hope that Xiaomi Philippines brings some here in the country soon.