Remember when Xiaomi decided to build an electric go-kart together with Lamborghini earlier this year? Well, if you've been wondering how to get your hands on one of these pocket rockets, it seems all you have to do is contact Xiaomi Philippines. The electronics company is selling the Ninebot Pro Lamborghini Edition locally.

Don't believe us?  Xiaomi Philippines recently posted it on their Instagram page. Interestingly, the electric Ninebot Pro Lamborghini Edition go-kart isn't listed on the official Xiaomi Philippines website nor their Facebook page. While most Xiaomi products are quite affordable, needless to say, this one isn't. When it debuted, the electric go-kart did have a list price of CNY 9999 (around PhP 73,000). Locally it's even more expensive as the Lamborghini-inspired go-kart retails for PhP 99,995.

Quite expensive for a toy no doubt. But remember that this electric go-kart is more than just a fancy showpiece painted in Giallo Orion. It uses a 432-kWh battery pack which allows it to go around a 400m track continuously for 62 laps before needing to recharge. The kart also does justice to the Lamborghini name since it can hit a top speed of 40 km/h and generate up to 1.02G during acceleration. Did we mention it can easily go sideways too for some drifting fun? To top it off, the go-kart has an engine profile sound that can mimic that of a Lamborghini V10 or V12.

Though it might be small, Xiaomi's go-kart is not just for kids. The company says it can support individuals up to 100 kg, allowing most adults to take it for a spin. It is quite easy to bring around town too. When folded, the electric go-kart can supposedly fit in most car trunks. If your kid does have a go at it, there are four driving modes available with the slowest having a top speed of 8 km/h.

With Christmas right around the corner, the Xiaomi Ninebot Pro Lamborghini Edition go-kart is surely on our wishlists. Who wouldn't want to wake up on Christmas day to find a go-kart under the tree?