Yamaha revealed the Motive.e City car at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show as the company’s answer urban traffic and environmental problems. The fully-electric Motiv.e was developed using state-of-the-art manufacturing and materials technology which hopes to deliver a new level of driver experience through the Yamaha DNA.

The Motiv.e builds on Yamaha Motor’s ‘quality mobility’ heritage and combines with Gordon Murray Design’s Formula One heritage. The new city car will use the revolutionary iStream manufacturing which incorporated Formula One composite technology to deliver new levels of light weight, safety, vehicle dyanmics and manufacturing flexibility while making a low environmental impact.

Yamaha Motiv.e rear

The bodyshell is built on a steel frame incorporating bonded composite monocoque panels to produce a lightweight rigid safety shell. It measures 2690mm long, 1470mm wide, and 1480mm tall. The car features a fully independent suspension combined with low unsprung weight for ‘new levels of ride and handling’. The Motiv.e rolls on 15 wheels shod with 135/70R15 front and 145/65R15 rear tires.

Yamaha Motiv.e interior

Inside, the Motiv.e features a racecar inspired appointments with red contrast stitching on the all-black leather upholstery and trimming combined with silver and aluminum accents.

Powering the Motiv.e is a 15kW electric motor which peaks at 25kW capable of 658 Nm of continuous torque and 896 Nm peak torque. It uses an 8.8kWh lithium ion battery with 7.2kWh usable power. It goes up to 160 kilometers on a single charge and runs up to 105 km/h. Charge time is at 3 hours on a domestic socket, while taking only 1 hour on a quick charger.

The ultra-compact Yamaha Motiv.e seats two and is currently only in right-hand drive configuration.