Yamaha is known for fantastic musical instruments, motorcycles, ATVs as well as semiconductors. But they are also famous in the motoring world for their engines.

Great engines such as the 2T-G, 3S-GE, and the 4A-GE were designed and sometimes built by Yamaha. Even the engines in the Toyota 2000GT have a lot of work done by Yamaha too.

With the shift to electrification, Yamaha may also become famous for making electric motors for cars. That's right, the Japanese company recently announced they have designed a new 'Hyper-EV Electric Motor'. While it may look like a simple electric motor, Yamaha claims that it produces a whopping 350 kW (or 475 HP).

With that kind of output, the motor has the potential to power sports cars, hypercars, and maybe even commercial vehicles. This was made possible thanks to its compact design. Instead of placing the key components separately, Yamaha integrated the mechanical and electrical parts into one unit. This means the motor, gearbox, and electronic speed limiter are all housed in one assembly. Yamaha even went on to say their EV motor has the "industry's highest class in output density".

Yamaha just built a 475 HP electric motor image

With its compact dimensions and high power output, Yamaha envisions that their new EV motor can be used as a pair. The result is a total system output of 700 kW or 951 HP. That's enough power to make an all-electric supercar/hypercar. But why stop at just two?

Yamaha also displayed a 'skateboard' chassis concept (seen above) that is powered by four of their electric motors. With all-wheel-drive capability, the concept puts out a hair-raising 1,400 kW – or over 1,900 HP.

The company is now accepting orders for their prototype Hyper-EV Electric Motors. Yamaha can even adjust the design of the motor based on their clients' needs or requirements.

If Yamaha can attract enough interest with their high-output electric motor, more car companies could manufacture EVs in the not-so-distant future, fast and powerful ones at that.