So, Toyota just launched the facelifted Vios, further reinforcing the lineup of the number one automaker in the Philippines in terms of sales. The Vios represents the second updated model that Toyota has launched so far since the pandemic affected the country and the industry, the first one being the new Wigo.

But Toyota has more plans in store, as they're launching the new Corolla... in crossover form.

Yes, our contacts have just confirmed that the newly revealed Toyota Corolla Cross is indeed coming to the Philippine market. And from what we gather, the dealers are already being prepared for the arrival of the new model that will compete against the likes of the Honda HR-V and Subaru XV, among others.

Toyota Corolla Cross PH Q4 image

We actually first got wind of a possible Philippine launch for a crossover based on the Toyota Corolla back in February, well before the world premiere that happened earlier this month. Our contacts informed us that Toyota Motor Philippines already had the model penned in their list of launches for this year.

The pandemic actually delayed the world premiere and the local launch of the Toyota Corolla Cross, as new model launches took a backseat and the industry implemented pandemic mitigation measures like social distancing and work-from-home measures.

Toyota Corolla Cross PH Q4 image

Under the original plan, we were told of, the Corolla Cross would have been in the Philippine market by Q3 of this year. As it stands, the Corolla Cross would be launched in Q4. Our best estimate puts it at around sometime between October or mid-November 2020. [UPDATE: Our sources tell us that the Corolla Cross will be launched earlier; likely late August or early September.]

We were informed that dealers are currently undergoing training for the new model. Toyota dealers need to prepare to sell any new model, and the Corolla Cross is expected to be a strong seller given the popularity of many competitor models.

As for specifications and perhaps even indicative pricing, we will strive to update you on that later on this week. It will be interesting to see how the Corolla Cross will compare against similar models.