If you check out the United States Patent and Trademark Office, you might stumble upon some interesting ideas from automakers, and maybe even a scoop or two. However, this latest discovery is something rather amusing, and it comes from Ford.

Filed way back in 2017, Ford has been thinking about putting projectors in their crossovers and SUVs. We're not talking about headlights here either; We're talking multimedia projectors. For them to patent this idea also hints that they're pretty serious about it too.

Yes, Ford wants to put movie projectors in their cars image

The patent is described as a “video projector mounted to the liftgate”. It also says that this contraption, “is configured to project video in a direction away from the vehicle when the liftgate is in the open position". With it in place, you'll effectively turn your car into a mobile movie theater. So, how does it work?

Based on the patent drawings, the projector will be mounted at the bottom of the tailgate, neatly tucked away from sight when that door is closed. Open it, and the projector can be activated if needed. There is no mention how the system will project videos, although it is likely that it will be sourced from the infotainment system.

If you find this amusing, Ford also make a mobile movie theater system for the F-150 pickup. That one even comes with its own roll-up projector screen. Talk about making tailgate parties more fun.

Source: The Drive