So far, news of the implementation of MVIS drew mixed reactions. There are those saying that it should be scrapped due to the added expense for the motorists. Others say it's unfair to private car owners. There are even those saying that Public Utility Vehicles (PUVs) should undergo the test too.

But here's the thing, PUVs are included in MVIS testing. According to LTO's Memorandum Circular No. 2020-2240, Section 4.2, franchise vehicles, such as taxis, jeepneys, and buses, have to undergo initial inspection before registration and renewal inspection for updating the registration. It also states that the second inspection will be done by the Land Transportation Franchising Regulatory Board (LTFRB). Yes, it also includes newly-purchased PUV units.

Yes, PUVs are included in MVIS testing image

However, these PUVs don't have to do the test at the moment. For now, all they have to do is take the emissions test, just like before. That's because there is still a shortage of MVICs, and accommodating all of these will make the lines long in operational inspection centers. That said, PUVs will have to undergo inspection once there are more MVICs in place. Our source says these vehicles will have to take it “soon”.

There is no special inspection for PUVs. These vehicles will go through the same checks as private vehicles. Since that's the case, it's going to be tough to pass, especially for drivers and operators who still cling to the traditional jeepney. Just some of the things that will be inspected are the headlights, turn signals, license plate lights, taillights, and reverse lights. Also included are the wipers and windshield washers. Tires are checked for tread depth and age, and regrooved tires are not allowed. Arguably the most important test for PUVs would be the brake tests. No more “Nawalan ng preno” soon. 

Seats must be comfortable, and the vehicle must have properly functioning seatbelts. These PUVs must also have a functional and accurate set of gauges. These are just some of the few things PUVshould have to pass inspection. We're not even in the undercarriage tests yet. Bent frames, hastily welded joints and temporary fixes to the suspension are some examples of the immediate failure of the test.

Yes, PUVs are included in MVIS testing image

Here's the tougher part. Once the PUV is five years old, it needs to be inspected semi-annually. Yes, vehicles used for public transport that are beyond five years old need to take the test twice a year. Again, that's according to the Circular released by the LTO.

Of course, we want the implementation of PUV inspections to be sooner rather than later. We'll keep an eye out for any updates along the way. At least you know now that these vehicles are required to take the tough test.

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