There are times car manufacturers would go to extreme lengths to prove a point. For example, if an automaker wants to show off how powerful their car is, they would go to an airfield, look for the biggest airplane they can find, and attach it to their newest product.

Marketing stunts of this kind are typically done with either big, brawny pickups or torquey, muscular diesel SUVs. This time around, it's something one would least expect. The folks from Mini have decided to bring out their pure electric Cooper and use it as an airplane tug.

The airplane the Mini Cooper Electric towed is no lightweight either. They chose the Boeing 777, which is Boeing's second-largest commercial jetliner. While it may be smaller than the iconic 747, the 777 is no lightweight, tipping the scales at about 150,000 kilograms. To put that into perspective, the Cooper Electric had to tow the equivalent of about 140 three-door Coopers behind its miniscule body.

Given that Mini published the commercial, you can probably figure out that the small hatchback was, indeed, able to tow the huge aircraft. But what makes this feat impressive is the fact that, well, a Mini just pulled 144 tons worth of airplane. While we're not suggesting that we replace airplane tugs Cooper Electrics, it does demonstrate how far we've come in electric vehicles, as well as battery technology.

As for the car itself, we're curious as to why it's still wearing camouflage. After all, a Mini looks like, well, a Mini. For now, Mini won't tell when their first pure electric vehicle will debut, but given how much noise they're making about it, we reckon it'll make its official debut soon.