Lamborghini shares new teaser images of the all-new Countach

A few days ago, Lamborghini surprised the motoring world when they announced that they were working on a new Countach. The Italian marque even released a teaser image and a teaser video of the upcoming supercar. Best of all, the automaker said the new Countach is coming soon.

So far, we already know that it will feature a wedge-shaped design similar to how the original car looked. But other than that, Lamborghini has been tight-lipped regarding other details.

Yes, the new Lamborghini Countach will have a V12 image

Thankfully, Lamborghini has released new teaser images of the next-generation Countach. It is hard to imagine what the new model looks like with a cover on, after all. Posted on the company's official Instagram page, the automaker revealed a portion of its sharp nose together with the 'Countach' badge on the slim front grille. It's this design cue that somewhat confirms the wedge-shaped inspired look. The automaker also revealed that it will have rear air intakes that resemble the ones seen on its predecessors.

But perhaps the most important bit that Lamborghini revealed is the engine. Instead of a downsized unit, the new Countach will have a proper V12. It's unclear if the twelve-cylinder engine will benefit from hybrid assist or from turbocharging. However, it's nice to see Lamborghini using a V12 for the revival of the Countach name; no other engine would do justice if we're being honest. 

Yes, the new Lamborghini Countach will have a V12 image

Lamborghini has yet to announce when they will reveal the all-new Countach. But since the supercar appears to be already finished, we might not have to wait long. With this year's Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance around the corner, Lamborghini might reveal it during the grand event.

Do you think the all-new Countach will look similar to the original one? Or will it have a more modern-looking design? Share your comments below.