Remember those days when manufacturers would void your warranty for installing aftermarket parts? To some degree they still do today, but with the way Toyota’s perspective of the aftermarket has changed over the past years it appears as if they’ve subscribed to the “If you can’t beat 'em, join 'em” mantra.

If you haven’t been keen on what’s happening with the 86 and the GR Supra as of late, Toyota appears to be jumping the gun by releasing aftermarket parts of their own for newly released models just days after they're revealed. Suffice to say, the all-new (Japan-spec) Yaris gets the Toyota Racing Development (TRD), and Modellista treatment.

Not much has been revealed other than a couple photos of a TRD-spec Yaris as well as the more subdued Modellista version. The former gives the Yaris a signature Gazoo Racing touch with aggressive red accents as well as black lower skirts and garnishes. Details such as black stick-on trim pieces between the grill and headlights as well as a tiny ‘canard’ near the front wheel section harks further to TRD’s aggressive styling for the new hatchback.

Yes, the new Toyota Yaris has TRD and Modellista kits already image

Modellista on the other hand is for discerning clients who enjoy the subtlties of minimalism. Their exterior pieces are mostly wraparound lip kits that just finish the lower end of the vehicle cleanly – as is the case with the Yaris here.

The 2020 Toyota Yaris rides on the B Platform of Toyota’s New Global Architecture and will be powered either by 1.0L or 1.5L three-cylinder motors along with a hybrid version of the 1.5L motor. On the onset it looks like this is just the beginning for the new Yaris, as Toyota may well have plans to create a GRMN or GR version of this platform in the future.