One of the biggest factors that ultimately decide whether a customer will end up buying a car from the dealership is the sales person.

At this Hyundai dealership in Brazil, however, there's a different kind of sales staff. And he walks on four legs.

Meet the world’s friendliest car salesman image

Meet Tucson Prime, possibly the friendliest member of the sales team to date. Yes, he’s a dog. And yes, he actually works for the Hyundai Prime dealership in Brazil. Don’t believe us? Well, check out his official ID. His complete photoset and short story were even posted on the official Instagram page of Hyundai Brazil.

Meet the world’s friendliest car salesman image

Prior to being promoted as a salesman, Tucson was a stray dog that used to hang out at the Hyundai Prime dealership all the time. After being adopted by the Hyundai dealership, he was officially promoted as a car salesman, complete with ID and documents. Now, he lives inside the dealership and interacts with customers and co-workers alike.

Meet the world’s friendliest car salesman image

Ever since photos of Tucson were posted on Hyundai Brazil’s Instagram account, he has since become a social media personality. His personal Instagram account @tucson_prime already has over 60,000 followers as of writing. No doubt the dealership has experienced an influx of customers just to meet the friendly salesman as well.

If Tucson Prime can’t convince you to buy a Hyundai model from the dealership then we don’t know what will. Just remember, you’ll still have to pay in cash. Treats and belly rubs won’t be enough to convince the good boy (and the dealership) to sell you a car.

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