After years on the market, the Advan Neova AD08R has a successor

When it comes to tires, one of the for car enthusiasts in the Philippines are Yokohama Advan Neovas. That's how it has been for the laslt two decades, and it continued up to the AD08R.

Aside from being used by the fastest guys on the race track, it’s the go-to tire by those in the car show scene. However, the design of the AD08 has been on the market for years now. To keep their Neova lineup fresh, Yokohama Tires has launched the new AD09.

Yokohama Tires launches new Advan Neova AD09 image

Compared to the AD08R, Yokohama completely redesigned the tread pattern of the new AD09. Gone are the signature hook design passed down from the AD07, and it looks a lot more aggressive. There are also large center grooves that help channel water, improving grip in the wet.

According to the press release, Yokohama Tire passed down the “fastest and fun” features of the AD08R but improved dry grip, comfortability, and wear resistance. The tire also uses new materials and is created via a new mold process which further strengthens the tire and improves rigidity when on the track. At the same time, the new production process also changed the design of the sidewall to a more premium one.

Yokohama Tires launches new Advan Neova AD09 image

Based on Yokohama's data, the new AD09 managed to average 1.1% faster in the dry course testing compared to the AD08R. However, it’s the wet performance that shows more improvement. It was 3.5% quicker compared to its predecessor.

Yokohama Tires launches new Advan Neova AD09 image

There’s no word yet when the new Advan Neova AD09 will arrive in the Philippines. However, Yokohama Tires says sales will begin in Japan in February 2022. It will gradually then be expanded to Asia and North America. Tire sizes will initially be available in 20 sizes, ranging from 15- to 20-inches. You may check out the full list of sizes currently available below. Don't worry though, Yokohama says another 60 sizes (including 21-inch variants) will be added to the lineup by the end of 2022.