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Yokohama PH launches new BluEarth Ace AE50 eco-tire

ADVERTISEMENT 2 to be replaced with new BluEarth Ace AE50

Yokohama Tire Sales Philippines, Inc. has just introduced the new BluEarth Ace AE50. Specifically designed for large sedans and hybrid vehicles, the tire features excellent grip on wet surfaces and provides a quiet and comfortable drive. In addition, it also delivers fuel-saving performance as part of Yokohama’s BluEarth Series.

BluEarth Ace replaces C.drive2 which was the first fuel-saving eco-tire of Yokohama in the Philippines. This tire complements the BluEarth, AE01 which is suited for smaller passenger cars.


The global BluEarth concept is the symbol of Yokohama’s idea to create a beautiful “Blue Earth.” This symbol can also be found sidewall of BluEarth AE01, Geolandar SUV (for crossover SUVs) and ADVAN (performance/racing cars).

Additional features of the BluEarth Ace are the asymmetric tread design, highlighting “lightning grooves” to help with wet surface performance, dimpled shoulders to minimize air resistance and small pitch variation to reduce noise when the tires are worn out.

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