Skyline GT-R owners rejoice! Nissan has announced that they will be bringing back more parts of the R32, R33, and R34 Skyline GT-Rs into production as part of the Nismo Heritage Parts program. This will allow owners to bring some life back into their aging, yet ever so desirable high performance vehicles.

You can now buy a brand new RB26 engine from Nissan image

Launched in 2017, Nismo initially offered factory replacement parts for the R32-generation GT-R only, which consisted of small engine hoses and rubber trims. Last year, Nissan expanded the program to the R33 and R34 GT-Rs and offered brand new bumpers, headlight assemblies, and interior trim pieces for the R32. Now, the automaker has announced that the Nismo Heritage Parts program will be further expanded, bringing the hallowed RB26 engine back into production along with other previously discontinued parts and even body panels.

Starting with the engine, the standard RB26 engine block and cylinder head are currently priced at 170,000 yen (Php 80,875) and 187,000 yen (Php 89,000), respectively. Should you be building a high-power GT-R, Nissan also brought back the sturdier 24U RB26 block, or ‘N1 block’ as enthusiasts call it, with a steeper price tag of 425,000 yen (Php 202,000). For those who want to bring their R32 GT-Rs back to stock, the factory muffler assembly is available for order as well with a price of 250,000 yen (Php 119,000).

You can now buy a brand new RB26 engine from Nissan image

Aside from engine parts for all three generations of the GT-R, the R32 is now being offered with brand new body panels. Specifically, Nismo is now selling brand new rear quarter panels, roof panels and even front and rear bumpers. New fuel pump and engine harnesses can also be ordered.

As for the R33 and R34, Nismo is now offering replacement wiper motors and assemblies, and window washer bottles alongside the engines. While not a lot of parts are available just yet, expect the list to be expanded for the two models in a future release.

You can now buy a brand new RB26 engine from Nissan image

Similar to the previous announcements, Nissan did not mention if the parts will be offered outside of Japan. That said, GT-R owners will likely have no problem ordering and shipping the parts to wherever they are in the world.

For the full list of parts, you may check out the Nismo website here