If you’re lucky enough to be able to purchase your own McLaren 600LT, chances are you would have gone through McLaren’s new 600LT configurator before your vehicle comes to fruition. But while the thought of having a made-up 600LT become true to life would be very entertaining, chances are however you’re but one of the mere mortals who could only afford an internet connection.

That doesn’t mean McLaren would spoil the fun for you though. Yes, anyone can now proceed towards McLaren’s home page and spec their dream setup for their latest Longtail offering.

Anyone can now configure their ideal McLaren 600LT online

With 28 colors, six interior choices, and varying options and packages to be outfitted, there are over a million possible combinations to create your ideal 600LT. Out of the 28 colors, three are exclusive to the 600LT: Myan Orange, Chicane Effect (gray), and Luminaire (green). A good chunk of these colors are also picked off the McLaren Special Operations (MSO) pallete.

Interior themes selected by McLaren are divided between three choices of different Alcantara trims and three choices wearing Nappa Leather instead. All interior options feature bold colors as well as different applications of either lightweight materials or leather towards the cushions, center tunnel, or bolsters.

Anyone can now configure their ideal McLaren 600LT online

To demonstrate this new feature, ex-F1 driver Bruno Senna and McLaren Chief Test Driver Kenny Brack both demonstrate their ideal specifications for the 600LT. Brack selected Sicilian Yellow exterior paint and matched it with a full Carbon Black Alcantara interior.

MSO Defined 6-Point Harnesses - one of the features included in the MSO Clubsport Pro option pack for the 600LT – were specified in blue, combining with Azura Blue Coloured Brake Calipers to create a visual theme that resembles the flag colours of his home country of Sweden.

Anyone can now configure their ideal McLaren 600LT online

Bruno Senna on the other hand configured his 600LT in Burton Blue from the MSO Defined range of exterior colours, again complemented by a full Carbon Black Alcantara interior. Bruno also specified the full complement of Carbon Fiber Upgrade packs and features in the MSO Clubsport Pro Pack, but selected McLaren Orange for both harnesses and seatbelts.

What about you? Try your hand at designing your own McLaren 600LT