Remember seeing the quirky-looking Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign at the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed this year? Well if you're one of the select few that can shell out nearly Php 60 million (990,000 euros), then you can now order one.

Yes you read that right, what was once just a concept has officially been confirmed for production. Nissan is now accepting reservations for the GT-R50.

Cool Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign can now be yours for Php 60M

“The reaction from Nissan fans around the world – and potential customers of the GT-R50 – has greatly exceeded our expectations. These 50 cars, which celebrate 50 years of the GT-R as well as 50 years of Italdesign, will be rolling tributes to Nissan's engineering leadership and rich sports car heritage for a long time to come,” said Bob Laishley, Global Sports Car Program Director at Nissan.

Like the original concept, the production version of the GT-R50 largely remains the same. Combining sleek modern design with futuristic styling elements, the Italdesign-penned GT-R is not your typical 'Godzilla'. Underneath all that pristine metalwork is a GT-R NISMO that has been transformed into a rolling piece of "automotive art". While the concept car was only available with a gray exterior, customers will be able to specify their own color combinations.

Cool Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign can now be yours for Php 60M

Stepping inside, leather and Alcantara trim surround the cockpit along with carbon fiber trim accents. There's also sport bucket seats with generous side supports. Meanwhile, the steering wheel is wrapped in Alcantara for added grip. The all-digital instrument panel from the concept however, will be replaced with the traditional gauge cluster from the normal GT-R.

Like the exterior, the cabin of the GTR50 can be customized by each customer. This means they will be able to choose what colors and trim packages can be put inside the GT-R50, making each of the 50 limited models unique.

Cool Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign can now be yours for Php 60M

Under the hood, the 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 has been retuned to produce well over 700 PS along with a hefty 780 Nm of torque. This was made possible after the company installed GT3-spec turbochargers, bigger intercoolers, as well as reworked internals. As before, a six-speed dual-clutch transmission transfers power to all four wheels via an all-wheel drive.

Only 50 examples will be made in total by Nissan. Deliveries will begin in 2019 and will continue through 2020.