Elon Musk previously said on Twitter that the upcoming Version 9.0 update will bring a host of improvements and even include old-school Atari games. Now, Tesla has officially rolled out the Software Version 9.0 update for all models. With it comes a refined and more simplified user interface. More importantly, Tesla has also stood by their word and added some classic Atari arcade games into the system.

To update your Tesla to Version 9.0, all you have to do is use the Tesla app. This allows the vehicle software to be updated without you having to be in the car. A new feature in the update now allows passengers to access the media controls from their mobile devices. However, the driver can also choose to disable this feature should they choose.

You can now play Atari games on your Tesla

More updates include a dash cam operation for Tesla's fitted with forward facing cameras. There is also a new app launcher along with new apps available in the Model S, Model X and Model 3. An updated climate control allows you to access controls for cold weather features on the Model S and Model X such as seat heaters, steering wheel heaters, and wiper heater. Climate control can also be turned on and off without having to open the full menu.

With Version 9.0, Tesla also updated its Autopilot and now comes with an active guidance feature that guides the vehicle on the road whether it be changing lanes, navigating interchanges and taking exits. It also helps find the most efficient path to your destination. Together with an updated Autopilot, all eight external cameras are now active, giving the driver a full 360-degree view of the surrounding.

As for the games, Tesla did not mention what classic Atari games are included. Stick your Tesla in 'Park' and you can now discover the games as Easter Eggs. All you have to do now is to look for them. 'Happy Hunting.' Tesla says.

More updates are set to come, let's hope more games get included in future updates.