At the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, Toyota officially pulled the covers off the GR Supra Racing concept. The concept race car previews the next-generation Supra, which could debut sometime later this year.

Drive the Toyota GR Supra Racing concept Gran Turismo Sport

Though it looks ready to hit the track, it is highly unlikely anyone one of us will be able to take it for a spin. Thanks to the latest update in Gran Turismo Sport however, we can now take the GR Supra Racing concept for a drive in some of our favorite tracks albeit in the virtual world. More importantly, the car and update is free to download.

The GR Supra Racing Concept now joins the Toyota's iconic line up of vehicles such as the 2000GT, A80 Supra, and even the FT-1 concept from which the car is based on. Design-wise, it is virtually similar to the concept which was presented at Geneva down to the livery. That said, we are able to take a peek inside the Supra's cabin. However, it is completely stripped out; giving no clues as to what the production-version dashboard may look like.

Drive the Toyota GR Supra Racing concept Gran Turismo Sport

While the update may be free, you do need 450,000 in-game credits to purchase it. In the virtual world, it produces 591 PS and weighs 1243 kg. It is uncertain whether these figures are also produced by its real-world counterpart.

Together with the Supra, three new single-player events have also been added with the update – Competition de France, Gr.B Rallycross, and Vision Gran Turismo Trophy. A new track layout for the fictional Dragon Trail is also now available.

As there is still no confirmed release date for the next-generation Supra, we can simply pass the time by driving the racecar in Gran Turismo Sport.