Ever wanted to ride shotgun in a high-performance Jaguar around the Nurburgring? You're in luck then.

The British manufacturer recently converted two of their most performance oriented models – the XJR 575 and the F-Type SVR – into taxis for use around the Green Hell.

Hail a Jaguar F-Type SVR or XJR 575 as your 'Ring taxi

As part of the Jaguar Race Taxi service, passengers will be now able to take a ride in either the XJR 575 or the F-Type SVR as they blast around the 20.83km long Nordschleife. Behind the wheel is a professional racing driver to ensure that the lap will be very fast (or very sideways, depending on your mood). Jaguar says that occupants could experience cornering forces of up to 1.2 G. That said, it is likely the lap will be faster than what you can experience by driving on your own.

As it is a two-door sports car, the Jaguar F-Type SVR can only take one passenger for the lap. A larger group of three however can take a ride in the XJR575. While it is likely the F-Type SVR will lap the Nurburgring faster, don't count out the XJR 575 just yet.

Hail a Jaguar F-Type SVR or XJR 575 as your 'Ring taxi

Both cars are powered by the same 5.0-liter supercharged V8 which produces 575 PS and 700 Nm of torque, which ensures fast laps all the time. This translates to a 0-97km/h time of of just 3.5 seconds in the F-Type SVR, and 4.2 seconds in the XJR 575.

Passenger laps in both high-performance Jaguars will be available until November. For those interested, you may book your lap by visiting Jaguar's website. A lap around the Nurburging in either vehicle costs 199 euros (Php 12,265) and includes a safety briefing and post-lap review of footage during the outing.