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You won’t be disturbed in Rolls-Royce’s new Privacy Suite feature


Enjoy complete privacy with the Rolls-Royce Privacy Suite

Ever wanted to watch a movie in your own automobile in complete privacy? How about holding a private conversation or meeting with another person without the risk of being disturbed or pried on? Well, Rolls-Royce has you covered with the all-new Privacy Suite Feature.

Revealed at the 2018 Chengdu Motor Show, it is only available for the Extended Wheelbase Phantom and was built to provide 'unrivalled levels of privacy and luxury'. According to the luxury marque, the new Privacy Suite balances function and privacy for the rear passengers without compromising space and comfort.


It works by way of an Electrochromatic Glass which allows the front and rear cabins to be visually separated at a touch of a button. The rear passengers can set the glass to see through it and onto the road ahead, or set it instantly to 'opaque'. Apart from that, the Privacy Suite also has special sound-absorbing properties via a frequency-specific compound that restricts the transmission of conversations from the rear cabin to the front cabin.

Contacting the driver from the rear cabin is made by way of a dedicated intercom system which can be activated with the push of a button. Meanwhile, the driver can 'call' the occupants at the back, in which they can either accept the call or reject it entirely. There is even a large aperture in which documents or other objects can be passed on easily between the front and rear.

For in-car entertainment, Rolls-Royce also installed a bespoke theater entertainment system which has been integrated into the Privacy Suite. It consists of two high-definition 12-inch monitors linked into the car's full infotainment suite. There is even an HDMI port which allows users to connect their phones to the displays with ease. To top it all off, the Privacy Suite gets rear privacy glass as well as privacy curtains.

Rolls-Royce's new Privacy Suite is available for viewing at the 2018 Chengdu Motor Show which will run until September 9.

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