BMW's new transparent logo will be used for 'corporate communication'

When BMW showed the i4 concept, they also unveiled a new logo to go along with it. There was a barrage of reactions to the new look too. After all, the signature look has always been blue, white, with a black surround.

Instead of a black 'ring' around it, BMW has made it transparent and two-dimensional. Why? Well, according to the automaker, the new look is, "better-suited to the digital age," and "conveys openness and clarity". Their words, not ours. But here's the thing about that new logo; they won't be using it on cars.

BMW will first use this logo for corporate communications. That mainly covers press releases and internal documents. However, they will also use it on motor shows, launches, events, and media branding. Basically, they will use this new look on everything else but their production vehicles.

You won

So will they ever use the transparent badge on their cars? Apparently not. This is according to a spokesperson from BMW. For those who cried foul over the redesign can breathe a sigh of relief. However, it is possible that they will put this look on their concept cars and use the traditional design once it transitions into a production model.

The company says that all their corporate communications will use the new transparent badge by 2021 across all platforms.