Today, the most popular toy cars found in stores today are either Tomica, Hot Wheels or Matchbox. But back in the day, there were more options to choose from. One of those is Micro Machines. Now that’s one name we haven’t heard in a while.

If this suddenly made you miss your old Micro Machine toys, boy we have some good news for you. The tiny toys are officially coming back. Hasbro and Wicked Cool Toys have announced that the tiny toy cars are returning this 2020.

To kids these days, the Micro Machine may not be familiar. However, those who grew up in the 80s or 90s will probably remember them. Needless to say, they were immensely popular in its heyday with most kids (and kids at heart) having a collection.

Similar to Hot Wheels and Tomica models today, Micro Machines were made of sturdy hard plastic and metal by a company called Galoob. Unlike the other two, Micro Machines were a lot smaller than usual 1/64 toys, hence the name. The tiny toys only measured in around an inch and a half long.

From cars to motorcycles, airplanes and even construction equipment, nearly everything got the Micro Machine treatment. There were also special Micro Machines based on top franchises. Despite its popularity, however, it only had a relatively short run on the market. Later on, Galoob was purchased by Hasbro.

The new line of Micro Machines is expected to hit stores late 2020. We expect that there will be more adults than kids lining up to get a set though.