As oil companies implement a hike in fuel prices effective today, wouldn’t it be awesome to get a discount on pump prices by simply presenting an identification card (ID)?

Beginning this morning, diesel and kerosene prices will rise by Php 1.45 per liter while petrol prices will go up by Php 1.35 per liter for the major oil industry players in the country.

This reflects the movement of prices in the international market.

If you’re seeking a respite from all of this, get yourself a Philippine Postal Service ID card.

The PhilPost has partnered up with fuel company Flying V to offer discounts on fuel and lubricants by simply showing your postal ID at pump to get a Php 1 per liter discount on fuel and Php 5 discount for lubricants.

PhilPost Assistant Postmaster General Luis Carlos said that this program is not exclusive to Flying V and that other petroleum companies can also join.

Application for a new postal ID now requires fingerprint inspection service in order to prevent unscrupulous individuals from cheating the system and getting a new postal ID under a different name.

The discount for fuel amounts to PHP 1 per liter, while the discount for lubricants costs PHP 5 per liter,” said Flying V VP for finance Margarita Mistal.