Zagato Atelier announced at Milano, Italy its two special projects to commemorate Aston Martin’s Centennial. The two projects are the DB9 Spyder Zagato Centennial and the DBS Coupe Zagato Centennial. The former was conceived for American car collector Peter Read while the latter was delivered to a young and prestigious Japanese entrepreneur.

DB9 Spyder Zagato Centennial

The car’s history can be traced back to 2001 when Dr. Ulrich Bez approved a design for the DB7 Zagato. It took inspiration and financing from Andrea and Marella Zagato, and Peter Read, an Aston Martin enthusiast and collector.

Following the success of the DB7 Zagato, the same team created the DB9 Zagato Centennial in honor of the heritage, power, and elegance of Aston Martin. The vision for the car is to combine elegance of design with soul, power, and prestige.

DBS Coupe Zagato Centennial

The car sports a “double bubble” roof design that is reminiscent of Zagato cars from the 50s. This exemplifies a cross of Aston Martin characteristics with Italian flair and Milanese inspiration.

Zagato’s Chief Designer Norihiko Harado found the redesigning of the DBS a difficult job given that it is already one of the most beautiful modern sports cars around. Their challenge was to merge the sporty styling with the typical Zagato quality. CoSTUME NATIONAL Creative Director Ennio Capasa supported the project. As like any other Aston Martin-Zagato projects, the car possess great presence that brims with soul and style.

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