If your new hobby takes to you on an offroad adveture to the sand dunes in Northern Luzon, you may not need to trick out your truck to have fun in the sun and sand.

Zarooq Motors of United Arab Emirates (UAE) is merely a month away from unveiling their very first product and the first-ever car made in the UAE.

“We don’t aim at being a large scale manufacturer, but a solid niche player consistently delivering innovative and reliable cars. “We are an Emirati company and we want to show the world what we are capable of,” said motorsport director Mohammed Al Qadi.

Called the Sandracer, it is an offroad vehicle that is specifically designed for high performance in the desert and for racing in the sand circuits of Dubai.

The name comes from the Schockari Sand Racer, the fastest snake in the desert and the features – high ground clearance and limited overhang for maximum suspension travel – purposely done for extreme and high-speed sand competition.

It comes with extremely aggressive styling reminiscent of dune buggies, although the Sandracer takes everything to a whole different level.

Even if it comes with a rollcage and tires 317mm wide, the Sandracer is perfectly street-legal and comes with optional creature comforts like with climate control and an infotainment system.

“We wanted the car to be road legal, with AC, because we want it to be as practical as possible, even if it is a racing car” said Operations Director Bruno Laffite.

It has a mid-rear 3.5L V6 engine with an output of 308 PS and 371 Nm of torque mated to a six-speed automatic transmission.

The numbers may not seem like much but with a carbon fiber interior and exterior keeping its weight at just 1.1 tons, it seem ample enough for what it was designed for.

Zarooq Motors say that the specs may still change as they are still in the process of assembling the vehicle in time for its global reveal in January 2016.