Meet the Zeekr 001, formerly the Lynk & Co Zero Concept

Remember the Lynk & Co Zero Concept electric vehicle from last year? It looks like, Geely, Lynk & Co’s parent company had other plans for the EV. Rather than selling it with the Lynk & Co name, the Chinese automaker launched yet another brand called 'Zeekr'. And the Zero Concept? It’s now the 001, and it’s essentially Geely’s first-ever premium EV.

Geely’s first production EV has over 700km of range image

The entire design of the Zero Concept has been carried over to the Zeekr 001. With that, it pretty much retains Lynk & Co’s trademark design language with a two-tier headlight and full-width grille. It even retains the similar square emblem found on the hood, albeit with minor adjustments. At the rear, the segmented full-width taillights together with the stylish bumper.

Possibly the only visual changes between the concept and the production model are the wheels. No doubt Geely dropped the Lynk & Co lettering on the taillights and replaced it with Zeekr instead.

Geely’s first production EV has over 700km of range image

Inside, it’s the same story as the exterior. The design of the dashboard, the layout out of the center console, and even the huge center touchscreen infotainment system remain the same. It even retains the small gear selector, as well as the white interior. However, the 001 does have a different steering wheel that features a flat bottom design. The ambient lighting is no longer imprinted in dashboard trim. Instead, they’re found in traditional places such as underneath the panels and on the dashboard.

Regarding the 001’s powertrain, it uses a twin-electric motor setup. Geely says total system output is rated at 536 horsepower and 768 Nm torque. An all-wheel-drive system then sends power to the ground. 0 to 100 km/h is done in under four seconds, and the driving range is rated at over 700 km with a 110kWh battery.

Geely’s first production EV has over 700km of range image

Just like the concept, it rides on Geely’s scalable platform for electric vehicles called Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA). The automaker plans to offer this platform to other manufacturers that may need it.

With Geely’s first luxury EV out, the question now is whether it can take the fight against other EV makers already on the market.