Almost two years after launching the company’s very first model, Zenos Cars returns with a lighter and more powerful trim that is both track-ready and street legal.

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The Zenos E10 R gets it engine from the same supplier – Ford – but this time it uses the more powerful 2.3L EcoBoost that comes with a customized ECU from Specialist Components that tweaks the engine to produce 40-percent more power and 19-percent more torque. The total now comes out to 354 PS and 475 Nm of torque and with a dry weight of only 1543 pounds, it will go from zero to 100kph in just 3 seconds all the way to a top speed of 249kph.

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It uses a six-speed manual transmission and a whole new set of lightweight components starting with the wheels that are 22 pounds lighter. It starts with a lightened flywheel assembly, a chassis and a carbon composite cockpit.

The vehicle’s suspension is fully adjustable depending on whether it is a track day or simply a drive through town.

Price of the Zenos E10 R starts from £39,995 or US$60,388.