A fast and furious motorsports show were the words to describe the Custom Car and Sport Truck Show. The event was held in conjunction with Tradeshow International's advanced screening of the The Fast and The Furious advanced screening presentation. Custom cars mean wild rides. From body graphics, body kits to big wings and even airbrushed artwork.

Display of Fast and Furious cars of Manila, similar to the cars shown in the movie The Fast and the Furious. A Dodge Charger and a supercharged and Nitrous-injected Honda S2000. Auto parts distributors and retailers as well as motorsports organizations displayed their products and motorsports events. Some also held informative seminars for showgoers.

The Formula One car display wowed the crowd. Shell displayed Michael Schumacher's Formula One race car with a pit stop backdrop and Michael Schumacher on a standee. This was the F399 Ferrari Formula One race car in the 1999 season.

The F399 featured a Ferrari 3000 (048), 80-degree V10 engine with a total displacement of 2,997cc and maximum power output exceeding 750bhp. The paddle-type shifter behind the steering wheel electronically controls gear shifting to the seven gears of the car. Not everyone may be a racing fan and fully understand racing, racing cars or Formula One racing in particular. But everybody knows Ferrari and Michael Schumacher.

The Custom Cars at the show featured European and Japanese compacts, luxury, and sports cars with mild to wild modifications. There were also race cars on display at the show. The Bilstein booth displayed the rallye car of Rikki Dy-Liacco, a Toyota Echo fully modified and equipped with Bilstein suspension.

Autoplus showcased their US show winning Mitsubishi Eclipse which was also featured in Sports Compact Car, a car which definitely redefines custom. In the custom car category alone, there almost 20 cars who competed for the Best in Show award as well as other special awards. Their Evo6 TM Edition is another spectacular car befitting of Tokyo Auto Salon status with all of its engine modifications just oozing horsepower. Their Evo6 TM Edition also runs a 10-second quarter mile.

Mild and wild modifications to these engines make them scream horsepower. Be it American, German or Japanese, cars in the Philippines can certainly back up by performance what they are showing off. Tricked out installs of auto entertainment systems were also showcased by some competitors.

Unlike every show you see, this show has trucks. And we mean bad ass sport trucks and SUVs. Displays from various Off-Road Organizations like the National Association of Philippine Off-Roaders, Land Cruiser Club of the Philippines, and the Manila Off-Roaders Club. The Marshal of Ride Manila represents the National Association of Philippine Off-Roaders.

Who said trucks are slow? Autoplus again redefines SUV performance with a turbine and exhaust upgrade with a grille mounted intercooler in the Land Cruiser entry. From street SUVs to off-road monsters, this Toyota Hi-Lux along with other off road monsters lorded over center stage as showgoers gazed with awe at their towering heights. Almost 20 trucks and SUVs were competing and on exhibition. There were still more but the organizers had to turn them down. "I had to turn other participants down, because the trade hall wouldn't be able to take all the weight anymore, we didn't want to compromise the safety of both showgoers and exhibitors," said Sophie Delos Santos of Tradeshow International.

Ms. Sophie Delos Santos, a motorsports enthusiasts herself wanting to add a little feminine touch showcased the 'Angels in Motorsports' a tribute to the women in Philippine motorsports. From Karting, Rallye, Slalom, Drag and Circuit. Women are indeed making waves in Philippine Motorsports. Soon we might see women in Formula racing.