It was "Muscle Car Mania" at the 2002 DELO Sport Truck and Custom Car Show last September 25-29 at the Megatrade Center, SM Megamall. The show featured muscle cars from the olden days where big displacement engines meant power. A centerpiece display of four muscle cars were the centerpiece of the event.

As the show reminisces about muscle cars, a special tribute to motorsports was also on display. A Lotus 23 racecar, a very popular sports racer among purists. It was very popular when it was introduced in 1962 and up to now is one of the most sought after closed-wheel car that was purpose built for racing. A tribute to motorsports and classic sports cars and an introduction to the Gathering of the Faithful event of the Manila Sports Car Club on October 27 at Rockwell.

An impressive showing for the Manila Off-Roaders Inc. (MORI) with 7 off-road capable show trucks and a plum Ford F-100. The Ford F-100 garnered the best in show award as its rareness conquered all others. The truck was a favorite by visitors of all ages as if taking them back through time. "We need more entries like this," exclaimed Sophie Delos Santos, President of Tradeshow International.

Another rare entry in the show was the Mitsubishi Strada of Brian Diaz of Ride, which was the first fully modified Strada ever entered in the Truck Show. 199 Off-Road's Toyota Hi-lux proved that daily driven can still be in show form. Armark's Hi-lux entry carried most of their products. Perhaps another interesting entry would be the Moke, a sub-compact SUV/Jeep/Recreational Vehicle or whatever classification you can give it. As even the organizers had a hard time classifying this vehicle, which is used in England by wealthy chaps.

The show was renamed this year to focus more on trucks as it was originally created for. Now called the DELO Sport Truck and Custom Car Show focusing on off-road pickups and trucks as well as urban and more civil sport utés.

Notable finely restored trucks would be the Land Cruiser of Dexter Tang, representing the Land Cruiser Club and the Suzuki Samurai of Franco Delgado finely done by Joey Millionado. Sport trucks, old and new were lowered and lifted with numerous modifications inside and outside. Very notable ones would be the conversion of the Ford Expedition front and rear end to that of the Lincoln Navigator, an F-150 to a Lincoln Blackwood, and another Expedition with a Navigator tail light and bumper conversion. These were all done by Bodykits Unlimited, who brought in the most number of entries.

The Best Custom Car of the show was the Mitsubishi Galant GTi of ALX Audioworks/DC Autosport. A unique display on its own as truly exemplifying craftsmanship of a well prepared customization and detail. It was more of a mix of black and chrome inside and out.

Numerous car entries came from the Japanese brands, particularly dominated by Hondas with the Civic as the car of choice. Although the rarest entry perhaps in the Japanese Heavy Modified category would be the Nissan Skyline GT-R of Racingzone Sportszentrum. The GT-R is actually one of the fastest drag cars in the land running 10.74 seconds in the quarter-mile.

The European category comprised of BMW E36 sedans, Mercedes Benz coupes, a Porsche 911, and a the Mini Cooper from Aldous Paint & Body Works which became second best of show.

Auto shows are not just all cars. The products and the people also form the whole show. Here are some of the booths and people from Motolite, Bilstein, Ambi-pur,, DTM, TyreRack, Wheel Gallery, Liqui-Moly, Caltex DELO, Tuason Racing Project, Manila Off-Roaders Inc., Honda Club of the Philippines, Race Motorsports and last but not the least, the organizers Tradeshow International.