One of the most popular and anticipated annual car exhibits in Manila for car enthusiasts

It's that time of the year again when car and truck enthusiasts alike bring out their best rides and show off their labor of love for their cars in the form of modifications. The Caltex Delo Sport Car and Truck Show, held on the top floor of the SM Megamall, is one of the most popular and anticipated annual car exhibits in Manila for car enthusiasts and just regular folk alike continuing the tradition with even more cars and more booths showcasing the best from the auto industry. This year's show garnered 117 cars for everyone to ogle. This time a sound competition held by IASCA (International Auto Sound Challenge Association) was concurrently held at the fourth-floor car park of the mall with more than 20 entries trying to vouch for the cleanest car audio sound around. Wireless internet access was also available at the show thanks to Airborne Access and PLDT MyDSL.

2005 Custom Car and Sport Truck Show image

Taking center stage for this year was Isuzu with displays of their D-max pickup in different variants and trimmed with rims, bodykits, and electronics. Surrounding the Isuzu display and covering the entrance to the show was the Glade booth showing their custom-made green Honda Civic with A-toy body kits, concept one wheels and Lamborghini-style scissor doors to showcase their car scents. Tech and Tuner magazine brought out the driver in attendees with their interactive booth complete with Gran Turismo 4 set ups with steering wheel and car pedals for those who wanted to live out their racing ambitions in the virtual world. 3M, the leading name in window films gave a preview of their upcoming tints in their booth. There were a lot of independent entries, very unique and very detailed in their work, but it had to be the cars of A-toy Bodykits with the Aftermarket Mafia, Autozone, Kai Racing, and Starbright Bodykits that dominated this year's scene.

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The Aftermarket Mafia had one of the most commandeering displays of them all. Parades of cars showing off his body kits along with the suspension components of Bilstein, H&R, wheels and accessories by Concept One wheels and Xenon-Bulbs showered almost half the real estate of the entire show. Noteable displays were a red Porsche 997 Carrera, a C class Mercedes Benz, an E46 3 series BMW complete with carbon fiber hood, a red BMW Z3 roadster with aftermarket rims, a Chrysler 300c, a radically modified Toyota Altis, a Honda Accord and two Mistubishi Eclipse. Even Honda's tiny Jazz did not escape A-toy's creativity. Last year's Alien F-150 also made a comeback with new paintwork and huge Bazo rims. One of the more interesting cars presenting A-toy's skill in crafting body kits was a Cefiro on a turn stand dressed as an BMW M5. From afar it was hard to tell it wasn't a BMW until one looked at the brakes and interior which was still all Nissan.

2005 Custom Car and Sport Truck Show image

Autozone dropped the ball with their drop dead sexy 91 Honda NSX with carbon fiber hood and 18 inch rims. They also had an H2 Hummer with huge rims and a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution with an audio set up that took up the whole trunk to compliment its video display head unit by Panasonic upfront. Last but not the least was the chameleon black Ford Expedition which had special thermal paint which makes out yellow streaks when the surface is heated finished up with a booming audio system, bling rims, and a customized bodykit.

Kai Racing held its own with its green EK civic with aggressively designed carbon fiber hood and a custom cut moon roof. A silver current generation Honda Accord was present as well as a blue EK Civic with a hot paint job on the hood with two pretty females' faces next to each other surrounded by flames. A yellow ES Honda Civic with carbon hood, black rims and a red 2 nd generation Honda CRV with bodykit and rims helped complete the Kai representation.

Starbright Bodykits' display presented a plethora of unique rides as well. On show they had their silver Madza Miata with a huge front bumper and rims, a green Nissan X-trail, a black Kia Sorento and a Toyota Innova, all of which had their own aftermarket rims. An e39 BMW 5 series with AC Schnitzer rims, a widebody E36 BMW 3 series covered in bright blue paint that looked ready to go fast with its race setup was also present. As if those were not enough, DJ mixed music playing loudly by their cars, Starbright gave a hand to the Isuzu D-Maxs on center stage and touched up one of them with their body kits.

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Many individual rides also gave glitter to the already dazzling presentations of the show. A+ Audio came in with a white Nissan 350Z and a Suzuki APV with JL Audio sound set up, with the 350Z being a showstopper still. The green Honda Civic of DC Autosport wowed the crowd with its imagination, having the car doors and body panels flip up, in and out like a canned tuna top! An old-school Mini Cooper nicknamed "Minimed" on its plate was also a standout with its funky paint of Dr. Evil of Austin Powers on its back. As well as the kitted silver Volkswagen Beetle with 18-inch OZ Racing Wheels, and JL Audio sound setup.

Autoline's pink Civic was an eye-catcher as well with a hood that opened forward and doors that opened downward hinged from the bottom. Their Evolution with carbon fiber hood, front fenders, and aerodynamic carbon side mirrors was a popular attraction equally. The Ford F-150 painted by Alex Isip in two-tone black and red paint shone with all its clean lines. The black Ford F-100 was a blast from the past, a classic pickup truck that came before the best-seller F-150 was positioned near the exit of the show but kept people from exiting immediately with its classy timeless look.

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What would a Sport Car and Truck show be without trucks? Trucks abound with all their off-road glory and lifted setups. Primarily composed of the Manila Off-Roaders Inc. (MORI), vehicles on display ranged from the cute-ute Suzuki Jimny to over-the-top trucks set up by Ride, 199 Off-Road House, Downey Davao, and 4xForce. There were trucks set up taken from the factory and then modified to monster truck-like status, and some trucks that were custom-built for off-roading from the ground up.

If cars were not enough, visitors were treated to the various booths of distributors and retailers of car accessories. From car fresheners to spark plugs to fuel-saving devices most were available at car show value prices. At the show were 3M, Xenon Bulbs, H&R Springs, Bilstein, and Concept One wheels as well as Erotica Wheels, Dubshop and Veloce Sports. Tires from Dunlop, Pirelli and Toyo were there too. Pioneer Electronics Sony, and Alpine could be seen as well as one of the more prevalent electronic brands for the show.

With over 20000 people who trekked to Megamall to see the exhibit, it can be said that it was another success for the Caltex Delo Sport Car and Truck Show, we can only hope that show organizer Tradeshow International surpasses themselves again next year.