The recently concluded Manila Auto Salon was the biggest gathering of the automotive aftermarket industry under one roof. The show is the evolution from the Sport Truck and Custom Car Show organized by Tradeshow International, which combines it with the Mobile Electronics and Technology Show, and Bike Show. The four-day event was held at the newly opened 9,130 square-meter SMX Convention Center located at the Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City.

The event converged together more than 130 cars and trucks of different shapes and sizes, and their own unique setups. Classic to modern motorcycles were also on display. Event highlights were the vehicle competition, IASCA mobile audio competition, and seminars conducted by experts in various automotive topics. Aftermarket parts and service suppliers set up trade displays showcasing their latest offerings and gave visitors exclusive promotions for purchases in the show.

In the Mobile Electronics and Technology section, a milestone was set as the purpose built Mitsubishi Pajero SPL competition vehicle of Frederick de Guzman (Kid Audio) set a new world record for the IASCA dB League (IdBL) Ultmate Class with 163.3db. Guzman's local flavor Toyota Tamaraw FX also won marginally as overall champion with the highest overall score in the IASCA Sound Quality competition making it a back-to-back achievement for him.

In the Custom Car division, a new Tuner category was created to give credit to those who give attention to the performance aspect as well as the aesthetics of their show-stopping vehicles. Thus giving birth to the Extreme Tuner Award, which went to MOTUL-Autoplus Sportzentrium for their custom conversion in the form of a Honda B18C Type-R engine powered Mini Cooper. The winner of this category also received the first Tuner of the Year award. Alex Car Restoration came with another incarnation of 'Eleanor', this time in metallic blue. This incarnation was adjudged as the Best of Show by the panel of distinguished judges.

With the absence of ceiling height limitations of the new venue, 199 Off-Road House, came in with their new monster creation. A Transformers movie artwork inspired Ford F-150 equipped with an insane lift kit and huge tires. The truck also garnered the Best in Show Sport Truck award. Meanwhile for the SUVs, another Alex Car Restoration creation in the form of a blue Land Cruiser 80 Series outshined all others receiving the Best in Show award for the SUV category.

The show was an overall success, with thousands of visitors attending despite the unfavorable weather conditions and traffic jams. The benchmark for aftermarket automotive shows has truly been set with the Manila Auto Salon, and it has also brought out some of the best creations the Philippine aftermarket industry has to offer.

The following sponsors made the 2007 Manila Auto Salon possible: Solar Auto Club, Ambi Pur Car, Motolite, Alchemy,,, and Café Puro.