The summer heat was on the rise and it got even hotter during this year's 2007 Trans Sport Show held at the SM Megamall last April 18-22. The much anticipated summer car show brought together the movers of the aftermarket industry and brought in droves of car lovers and the everyday auto laymen to take a glimpse into the glitz and glamor of what is the auto industry.

Heading the glitz for this year's show were the four supercars brought in by the Timog Auto Gallery (TAG) group. The fiery red Ferrari Fioriano, the silver sexpot Mercedes-McLaren SLR, the orange bull Lamborghini Gallardo and the pure class blue Bentley Continental GT. A consistent crowd drawer, people gathered to take their pictures with the rare exotics. With a total retail value of close to a hundred million pesos, jaws dropped as people stared at cars with an individual value of a beautifully built home.

This year's show was abounding not just with exotics, but with the accessories that many tuners spend their hard earned cash on. Ever present was the Aftermarket Mafia with their show cars complete with body kits, plus sized rims and eye catching paint jobs with mural-like drawings of famous comic book characters and women that made cars look more like canvasses. Showing off what looked like a Matchbox enlarged.

This year's car show was replete with classic cars as well. Notable cars were the Cadillac Fleetwood 75, 1967 Mercedes Benz 190SL, Jaguar E-Type, Citroen and many more Benzes from yesteryear decorated the trade show halls.

Booths from car dealers also traded their wares. Offering discounts and promotional items, products ranged from common sought after upgrades like rims and suspension upgrades to more mundane items like air fresheners and car mats. Sound set-ups from A+ Audio and Autoline filled the air with heavy bass and the acoustics normally found in concert halls.

Of course, what's a car show without the girls? Oodles of women lined the tradeshow floor that turned the car show into a mini-model runway. Men lined up for pictures with their favorite models while ogling over their favorite vehicles making the Transport Show a haven for men of all ages.

With tens of thousands of onlookers this year and hundreds of thousands of guests throughout the show's lifetime, the Tran Sport Show continues to be one of the most visited car events in the country. Continuing with the tradition, we can only expect the same kind of displays from the organizers for the years to come. Here's looking to Transport Show 2008!