For the fourth running of the Manila Sports Car Club Concours d' Elegance, organizers opened this once semi-exclusive show to the public by holding it in concurrence with the 20th Trans Sport Show. This year they showcased 30 of the most sought-after classics were vying for certain awards such as Veteran (for cars 1949 and older) Vintage (for cars 1950-1959) while cars made from 1960 to 1969 fell into the Classic category and cars from 1970 to 1976 were considered Modern Classics.

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Variety of classics

There were different kinds of classics as there was a newly imported 1927 Ford Model T, a very rare 1967 Toyota 2000GT (only 100 units ever built), a Lancia Stratos, a Lamborghini Muira, an Internationally multi-awarded 1966 Ferarri 330GT, two classic Porsche 911's and a 1916 Studebaker which is nearly a hundred years old, it is the oldest entry in the show.

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An Ogle to ogle upon

A 1963 SM7, which was based on a Ford Cortina GT designed by Ogle Design Organization and worked on by Harold Radford Coachbuilders for Sir Stirling Moss which is one of two examples known in existence. This car was rumored as being sought after by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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Gullwing in flesh

Every true car fan knows what a 1954 Mercedes-Benz 300SL; it is the world's first true supercar. The highly preserved Gullwing was present in it's most famous color scheme: silver with a red interior. It was a crowd favorite because it will probably be the first and last time they can lay their eyes on the world's first true super sports car.

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Beside the Mercedes 300SL were two classic red Italian supercars. A Lancia Stratos was there, a car which was popular in rally stages in the 1970's by winning 3 World Rally Championships that decade. The Stratos that was shown in the show was the first the Transport Show winner 20 years ago and it was not restored since then. A Lamborghini Muira was also present, which was the 1998 Transport Show winner. Its timeless design is one of the most unique car shapes ever produced.

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Pantera in Manila

A 1971 De Tomaso Pantera stunned the crowd, though some people did not know the car exists in our country; especially in near perfect show condition. Unique to the Pantera is its transatlantic heritage by marrying an Italian car with American muscle.

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Everybody was a winner

With only 27 cars in the show, every car was in the spotlight. Entrant cars had to meet certain show criteria before they were shown to the public. It had to be in near perfect condition to meet the stringent evaluation of the judges from Singapore, Japan, and the USA.

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But the big winner was the De Tomaso Pantera owned by Bubi Camus bringing home the Best of Show award earning its name etched on the perpetual Lalique Chrysis trophy. Receiving a special award for paint refinish excellence was John Escobar for his work on the 1968 Ford Mustang California Special. The award was personally presented by Barry Meguiar to Escobar, who is the first and only Asian to ever received such recognition. The Gullwing received the Preservation Award.