2017 Subic Bay Auto Show

2017 Subic Bay Auto Show  image / Barney Biscocho/Jose Altoveros | May 11, 2017 14:18

Hot cars and huge crowds heat up summer in Subic

Holding a large car show is no easy feat, and hosting one in the province is even more of a challenge compared to staging one in the Metro. Despite the obstacles and the hot summer heat, the annual Subic Bay Auto Show was still able to attract a huge crowd and lots of impressionable vehicles. Now on its 8th year, the show attracted enthusiasts from neighboring provinces - with some coming all the way from Metro Manila - all to share their love for cars and good vibes.

The 2017 Subic Bay Auto Show

Given the scorching hot climate, the participants showed up a bit later as compared to last year's show. Despite that, there were still some who arrived early to get the best spots to setup their displays. As the sun began to set, more cars came rolling in and people slowly began to crowd the show.

The 2017 Subic Bay Auto Show

Greeting you immediately upon entering the open parking lot of Harbor Point are a pair of Hondas; One being a Spoon-themed Civic Type R hatchback and the other a Jazz RS. Going around the show you'll see a whole variety of cars ranging from European, Japanese, Korean as well as American machinery, with most being modified to showcase the owner's individual tastes. Amidst the variety of cars on display, there were still common themes and trends throughout the cars on show.

Given its commonplace among the youth nowadays, there was a strong presence of stanced vehicles. The guys over at Block8 brought a selection of JDM legends including a Mugen DC2 Integra Type R and a Lancer Evolution 8. For those into American vehicles, there were a selection of Ford F-series trucks to choose from and the gangster-looking classic Cadillac. As the show would attract people from various ages, there were a row of classic Toyota's and right beside them were tastfully modified VW Buses. 

The 2017 Subic Bay Auto Show

In the sea of modified cars and motorcycles, there were some that stood out from the rest. Hidden at the back was this Ford Pinto sitting on a set of chunky tires. Not a sight you see everyday, but most certainly welcome in giving the show more contrast. Along the same row as the Pinto was the Toyota LiteAce pick up in 'Initial D' livery – complete with the 'Fujiwara Tofu Shop' sticker. 

The 2017 Subic Bay Auto Show

The event went on until late at night with LEDs from the cars and the music from the DJ keeping the good vibes on. Now on its eighth year, the Subic Bay Auto Show continues to show why it is the go to car event for those in Central Luzon and even beyond.