There are car shows. And there are car shows. But when a car show unites different car clubs - and breaks a record in the process - that event is more than just news.

It's worthy enough to be imprinted on the memory for a long time.

At the recently concluded Bumper to Bumper car show at the SM Mall of Asia open air grounds, various car clubs, tuners, audio entertainment chefs and drift racers collaborated to make the fifth edition of the event an unforgettable one.

With over 190 vehicles for audio-visual pleasure at one's disposal, Bumper to Bumper divided its competing entries into three different levels of competition: Pro, Novice, and Street categories. This unique method of divvying up the contestants make sure that car enthusiasts go up against those in their level, making the playing field fair for all. And making sure that Bumper to Bumper backs up its promise of bringing together car clubs right and left, organizations (namely Team Fit, Girl Racers Club, Team Rage, Altis Club and Club AE) were on hand, along with exterior tuners like A-toy Bodykits, drifters and even autosound veterans.

To add to the fun, Bumper to Bumper staged a time-attack contest for 1:10-scale remote control cars run on a track specifically designed for remote control car racing.