Ambi Pur Car Wars 2004 was held last October 9, 2004 at the Greenhills Shopping Center Parking Lot 1. Organizers INC 101 brought together a number of the finest cars and SUVs in the show car scene. A couple of live bands and a fashion show was thrown in for good measure; to satisfy the hundreds of people who attended the event.

The loud booming sounds of vehicles especially prepared for car audio was evident throughout the evening. The sound of their equipments often drowned out the voice of the hosts as well as the live band performing. A+ Audio's well-known Nissan X-Trail certainly made its presence felt as the wall of subwoofers was not only very visible, but very audible as well. Autoline also had a few cars on display that were worth the attention of the guests.

Some notable entries include a 2000 Mazda RX-7, something that you don't see very often in the streets of Manila . AutoCircuit had their share of JDM cars on display including several heavily modified Honda Civic EKs, and a yellow R33 Nissan Skyline GTS-T. The abundance of Integra DC5s was also a welcome sight.

Several luxury and European cars were also on display including a couple of Z3s, an AC-Schnitzer loaded BMW E46, and a truly modified Lexus IS200 that sported a carbon hood, Volk Racing wheels, etc.

Not to be outdone were the SUVs. Concept One/Atoy Body Kits brought out its show winning F150 sporting a complete widebody kit and 24 inch wheels. Also bringing added novelty were some Patrols and Land Cruisers.

Despite several setbacks and disappointments along the way, Car Wars 2004 proved to be successful by virtue of the number of cars who participated and the hundreds of people who visited the venue.