Over an intimate lunch with the media today, BPI Family Savings Bank (BFSB) announced its bright outlook for auto loans in 2010 stemming from a strong start in its first two months. The bank posted a 27% increase in amount financed for auto loans compared to the first two months of 2009 and projects a 10% to 12% increase in its total auto loan portfolio for 2010.

The bank also announced the good news that it is bringing back its Drive Your Dream Auto Loan FREE Insurance Promo for another run this March. The promo covers auto loan applications for brand new cars received and approved from March 1 to 31 and delivered on or before April 15.

Auto loan clients can breathe twice as easy knowing that their brand new cars are protected with an insurance package that covers Acts of God without the additional expense. "By partnering with BPI/MS, we offer a comprehensive insurance that will allow our clients to rest easy and know that the brand new car that they've invested in is safe, even from natural disasters like the storms we saw last year," says BFSB Senior Vice President and Head of Auto Loans, Mr. Dave Sarmiento. "

Through its FREE Insurance promo, BFSB does away with the additional premium auto loan borrowers would have to pay for a comprehensive insurance that includes Acts of God coverage. The insurance also covers own damage, theft coverage based on purchase price, a Php200,000 Voluntary Third Party Liability and Bodily Injury, a Php200,000 Voluntary Third Party Liability Property Damage (VTPL PD), unnamed passenger personal accident insurance, ambulance reimbursement for a maximum of Php 5,000 and express roadside assistance.

All borrowers with a minimum amount financed of Php600,000, a minimum term of 36 months and provided they renew coverage with BPI/MS for the duration of the loan term are eligible for the bank's FREE comprehensive motor insurance with Acts of God coverage promo.

With summer just around the corner, everyone should be gearing up for the vacation they've been dreaming about all year. With BFSB's new promo, they can now drive to their dream destinations in their very own dream cars with peace of mind knowing that their free insurance has them covered.

For more information, please log on to www.bpiexpressonline.com or visit your nearest BPI Family Savings Bank branch.