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BMW offers chance to an exclusive Munich Travel Experience


Buyers from Jan. 19 – Feb. 28, 2017 of any brand-new BMW car get exclusive opportunity

Asian Carmakers Corporation (ACC), the official importer and distributor of BMW in the Philippines, continues to push the boundaries of premium mobility in the Philippines.

In 2016, the brand continued its 14-year streak as the leader of the luxury car segment. To mark this milestone, BMW is providing its client with an exclusive opportunity to visit its hometown, Munich, Germany.

From January 19 to February 28, 2017, buyers of any brand-new BMW vehicle will be flown to visit the birthplace of sheer driving pleasure to join an exciting tour of the BMW Welt and Museum, and explore the rest of Germany’s best in culture, food, and architecture.

BMW says the Munich Travel Experience reinforces the brand's dedication to redefining customer experience by helping its customers form a deeper appreciation and understanding of the brand’s remarkable heritage steeped in storied roots. In addition, the automaker claims that this lets the clients see the brand's future ahead.

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