The rainy season is here once again to dampen our days, but Foton Motor Philippines Inc. (FMPI) is not letting that get in the way of letting customers secure a good deal. Recently, the automaker launched the 'Rain, Rain Drive Away' promo which offers two flexible payment schemes; all-in low downpayment, and low monthly amortization.

A wide selection of models and commercial vehicles from Foton are part of the seasonal promo and includes the Toplander A/T, Transvan, Traveller, Toano and the Gratour series of trucks.

Bring home an all-new Foton for as low as Php 48,000 all-in image

Starting with the Toplander, it is available with either a Php 75,000 all-in or Php 11,687 per month. Also part of the promo is the Traveller which can be yours for Php 98,000 all-in or Php 14,827 every month. And if you want something a bit bigger, there's the Traveller XL which you can get for an additional Php 20,000.

For those that prefer something a bit simpler, there is the Transvan which can come with either 13 or 15 seats. An all-in low downpayment of Php 78,000 or an amortization of Php 10,866 is waiting for those that plan to get one. The 16-seater variant, on the other hand, comes with a Php 88,000 downpayment promo or a Php 11,851 low monthly.

Bring home an all-new Foton for as low as Php 48,000 all-in image

If size matters, there is the largest commercial van of them all in Foton's lineup, the Toano. Both the 11- and 15-seater versions come with leather seats and plenty of cabin space. Under the new promo, it's available with either a Php 98,000 all-in low or a monthly payment of Php 18,362.

Last but not the least is the Gratour series of trucks and commerical vehicles. Starting with the workhorse MT, it can be set up for a wide variety of body styles like: Dropside, Wing Van, F-Van, and even as a Jeepney. It's available for Php 48,000 or a low monthly amortization of Php 5,143. A much bigger variant of the Gratour, the TM MPV is part of the company's seasonal promo. The 14-seater MPV can be had for Php 58,000 all-in or for Php 5,800 monthly.

Bring home an all-new Foton for as low as Php 48,000 all-in image

All vehicles that are paid via the low downpayment scheme include free 3-year LTO registration, as well as chattel mortgage fee and insurance. The Rain, Rain, Drive Away Promo will last until September 30, 2019.