One of the hassles of purchasing a brand new vehicle is when you have to bring it out of town, be it for vacation or a long drive. Rather than passing through the RFID/Easytrip lane of the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) and the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), you'll have to line up with a bunch of other cars in the cash lane. This is simply because your brand new vehicle does not have the proper RFID tag installed yet.

Peugeot Philippines, however, wants to change all that with their latest program. The French automaker has recently partnered with RFID providers AutoSweep (SLEX) and EasyTrip (NLEX) to make it easier to go out of town. As part of the new program, customers who purchase a brand new Peugeot will have AutoSweep and Easytrip RFIDs already installed upon delivery. Furthermore, the RFIDs will have a preliminary load of Php 500 for each RFID. This will save them the trouble of having to go to an authorized station for installation.

Buy a Peugeot, get a free RFID tags with Php 500 load each image

“We at Peugeot Philippines are very proud of the world-class products that we offer. And so we asked ourselves, ‘How do we enhance the Peugeot ownership experience? How can we make our customers feel even better?’ That’s how we came up with the idea of partnering with both major thoroughfares in Luzon. We’re glad to have great partners in both AutoSweep and EasyTrip,” said Glen Dasig president of Peugeot Philippines.

With the RFIDs already installed, customers can actually go out of town hassle-free from the moment their vehicle gets delivered. Be it far up north or to the south of Metro Manila, customers will no longer have to line up at the cash lane, making the drive so much easier.

“It’s all about our customers. Any vehicle will take one from point A to point B in relative comfort. Only a car company truly devoted to customer satisfaction will go out of its way to offer services that go beyond what a vehicle alone can offer,” added Dasig.

For more information on Peugeot’s latest offers and range of products, customers may contact [email protected]